Sunday, September 26, 2021

Flecky Uber

 So...  Shame on me.. I haven't posted any updates on Flecky in awhile. He's been doing good. Just trucking along. But he has been rather painful in his feet... he's had a bunch of abscesses and looks pretty ouchy. He's been standing around more and not moving around as much. I was going to x-ray but on the day the vet came out he wasn't too bad, so we just tested for Cushings. Negative. Yahoo! But then he got sore again. So I had Freddie peek and he thought he was super sore in his sole, so... we went ahead and put on shoes with pads. And he felt SOOOOOO much better! Yay! So then a few days later we got x-rays, and... poor guy. He has no sole. Like.... a fourth of what he should have. Fronts and hinds, although he seems so much happier with just front shoes on. So... guess he gets to live in shoes and pads all the way around the rest of his days. He's earned it. 

Which also means that since he now has protection and is feeling better, I'm okay with hopping back on for the occasional ride! Tonight I went to set jumps so I used him as my uber. Hee hee. I missed him. We got to the top of the hill and Funny came gallping up and he went to bucking. hee hee. Don't dump me dude!


I love him so!

Hence.. the photo dump since his last post. ;) 

Oh, and his jaw healed beautifully! So yay for that!

Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Flecky turns 24!!!

 How on earth is this handsome beasty 24!?!?! 

Man do I love him! I spent the afternoon looking back at photos of us through the years. He's the best! He's done so many wonderful things for me... helped me cross off so many bucket list items...  I'm so glad that I am able to spoil him and let him retire and enjoy his days. 

Love you to the moon and back buddy! I hope you had a good birthday. 

Monday, December 21, 2020

All the cuteness for all the months

 Okay... to make up for it...







And December!

Flecky update, Gratitude, and the Christmas Star!

 Poor beast! He hasn't had any updates since MAY!!! I'm a bad mom! 

So... very quick recap... Covid.... sold our farm. Moved to a new farm. Fleck was a little anxious and sad about Danny going places from the new place. Pulled his shoes as his feet are better. Got a new horse - Funny! Fleck LOVES her. Too much...  Of course he turned into a protective stallion and I had to play musical ponies for a month or so. Finally got them out together for a week or so... and then he lunged at Dan again and didn't get out of the way quick enough and broke his jaw. Sigh... Danny kicked and broke Fleck's jaw. BUT.....

This is what's amazing about all of it. Y'all this year has been weird. Covid has made it weird... less weird for me given my life circumstances but still.  But God is so good. We sold our farm and then panicked about where to move. Everyone kept asking why we were moving and my answer was "because I want someplace cheaper, smaller, easier to maintain, better pastures, easier to maintain/flatter/less tree filled pastures, farther out, with a sunrise or sunset view". Oh, and if it's not still close to Ashland, with an arena. Well, we couldn't find it. Not in our budget. So then we upped the budget and finally found a great farm. Ten minutes from Ashland, a beautiful arena... nice barn... nice pastures... quiet and secluded... garage for Mike.. .and a pretty cool house. But it was way over budget but with the interest rates we could make it work. So we got preapproved. And we did the inspection. And... it didn't appraise. By a LOT. So we negotiated... but the owner wasn't willing to come down enough and we weren't willing to pay more than market value (did that once before and it bit it us in the butt). So we got a second appraisal and I prayed.... Despite the fact that it wasn't cheaper, it wasn't smaller (was in fact even bigger), didn't have sunrise or sunset views, and wasn't necessarily easier to maintain. But that arena though!! And guess what? The appraisal didn't come back a second time, despite using Ag South. It actually came back a hair lower. So... we panicked. We tried to negotiate briefly but we really just weren't willing to pay more than the appraisal price. So we walked away. And I panicked. We closed in 3 weeks and we had already pushed back closing once. We had 3 weeks to find a place to live with the horses, dogs, and cats. And not only did we have the two horses, but I had also committed and paid for the baby horse. So I prayed. And guess what!? God had a plan. He always has a plan. Our realtor rides for a mutual friend and they were close to putting their barn apartment up for sale!! We went and looked and it's tiny, but we liked it enough. So we went under contract. And it's perfect. It's ended up being exactly what I wanted! I have a great sunrise and sunset view. I can see stars galore. I can even see the moon and stars from my bedroom window. I can look out the bedroom door into the barn aisle and see the stalls. It's tiny. It takes me no time at all to clean it. It's cheap to heat/cool. It's far enough out that it's quiet and peaceful but we have great neighbors. (No internet and that's really the ONLY bad thing... well, that and maybe the stinky toilet water which hopefully will resolve once we redo the bathroom and shock the well). It's about half of what we were paying. AND.. it also has an arena that we are owner financing. And while it's 30 minutes to Ashland instead of 10 minutes, it's still only 30 minutes to Ashland. I love it. We've been doing some renovating/painting/etc and it looks so cool. I finally understand people LOVING their house! Like... there were parts about the old farm I loved, but I LOVE THIS FARM!  So yep... God is good. 

So then... baby horse. She's perfect. She's amazing and sweet and smart and wonderful and she loves both boys. We finally got everyone out together and she hangs out with Fleck.. then goes and hangs with Dan... then goes back to hanging with Fleck. I'm so thrilled with her. 

So then... I finally get them all out together and they are doing great. And then Friday... I come home and... Flecks' lower jaw is broken. It's obvious that Dan caught him under the chin. But thank God that I have friends who are excellent dentist vets. Diane was sweet enough to call me back and calm me down. And basically... God is so good! Yes Fleck broke his jaw, but... it was just his jaw. It wasn't his leg or his skull. I didn't have to put him down. He'll survive. And not only will he survive, but in theory it's not even a big expensive vet bill. It's basically antibiotics, pain meds, and hay soup until he heals. So, while it sucks.. I'm so grateful to God that it wasn't worse. I'm so grateful that it wasn't Funny that got nailed. Or even Dan. Because, while it sucks for Fleck, he's retired and can peacefully heal. He's an easy keeper. He's laid back. So... thank you God!

And then tonight... tonight is the Christmas Star! It hasn't happened in 800 years... Saturn and Jupiter will be incredibly close to each other... a conjuncture. And it's happening on Dec 21st... the Winter Solstice. I saw it pulling into Dixie Road... in the hay fields with the sunsetting. And then I saw it from my pastures, with my horses. It was pretty amazing. And... it's just peaceful. I just... praised God for all his goodness and mercy and glory. How blessed are we??!!! 

So yep... really just feeling the Love from above. 

Fleck....          Dan........ Funny....