Saturday, December 25, 2021

Christmas 2021

 Flecky is doing just fine... just not much to report! He is in four shoes again.. with pads up front. Because he deserves it! And because his soles are too thin so he kept getting abscesses. And turns out, he's SOOOO much happier with his shoes on, so... we'll keep them on. 

He's been doing great otherwise. Just hanging in the pasture. I did hop on Christmas Eve Eve to use him to get to the arena to check it out. He was frisky! But he did trip coming down the hill twice in the hind end. I think his stifle is still giving him troubles. So.... no long trips for us anymore. But that's okay. It was nice to just sit on his back and walk around the pasture. 

And today... today is Christmas!! He's gotten shy with selfies, but... he got plenty of carrots with tops today and he got some apples. It was a nice warm sunshiney day. Unfortunately I took the two heathens to Ashland for a trail ride so he was a little sad to be left behind. But maybe he enjoyed his peace and quiet for a little bit too. :) 

Merry Christmas Fleck!!!

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