Tuesday, April 21, 2020

23 years old!!!!

Happy Happy 23rd Birthday Flecky!!!

Man I love this horse! Bless him... he has given me so much. We celebrated with a trail ride. Unfortunately... no friends were able to join us, but... we had fun. 

He was a litttle ouchy on our way out to the lake. We went on the wooded path and he felt really mincy. So bad that I almost got off and walked with him. BUT.... I started thinking it might be our last ride together, so I wanted to at least walk to the lake with him and let him splash before I got off. So we walked slowly... and reminisced. We talked about all the fun things we've done together. 1/2 our bronze medal... multiple AEC's... including the one where we finished 49th out of 51, but... top 50 in the nation baby!.. the one with the bareback sub sandwich ride... the one we almost finished in the ribbons.... beach rides... riding in the Christmas parade... our one competitive trail competition... when we had to practically swim through the trails at the horse park.... all of our photo shoots... He reminded me that I made him pony Dan... so many trail rides... running prelim... successfully too!... jumping that ditch and wall at pine top... twice, but then not again... jumping the irish bank thing at Pine top... oh, and all the gibbs clinics.. the one where he showed Rusty how it was done.... hee hee... And the Lucinda clinic where he would NOT jump the water trough jump...  Oh, and the scary double angled brush verticals at Full Gallop... and schooling some intermediate fences... including the bounce verticals at Gibbs... the time we got "attacked" by the saddlebred and the sulky at the horse park... the time that we rode in the sun and poor Fleck had to walk me back to the trailers when I almost fainted... the time that cute little girl wanted to be the one to find Dan's shoe so she could have his "autograph"..... 
I could go on and on.... Man I love that horse!

Anyways... we got to the lake and he didn't really want to splash. It was such a pretty day, but no humidity, so... fair enough. :) 

Then we walked back through the XC field rather than in the woods and he was much happier and walking better, so I stayed on. We even trotted a little. :) Man... I love him! So much. 

I hope he had a good birthday!

Sunday, February 9, 2020

Snow Day

Hee hee.. We got snow! Just a little bit, but Flecky was trying to catch snowflakes I guess :)

And.. ha ha... While Dan eats his breakfast, Fleck sits outside his stall door waiting. And because Dan is sloppy, he spits a good chunk out of his mouth and it dribbles down the door. Apparently Fleck was licking the ground droppings when Dan drooled because now Fleck has grain all down the side of his head. Ha ha...

Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Flecky is perfect!

 Ohemgee!!! Why is he so perfect!?! He is the perfect height for snuggling up so my face melds into his smooshie spot. :) 

I couldn't help myself. I hopped on with just the neck rope. He was actually pretty good today :) :)