Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Saturday, September 2, 2017

I love this horse

He knows just how to heal my heart.... or at least tries his hardest...

(goofy bucking jumping grass gallop)

Thursday, July 27, 2017

We're walking... We're bucking.... that's how we roll

Seriously.. I think Fleck has taken this "you do whatever you want now" thing a little too far. ;) 

We had another nice bareback hack today with Peri and Roux. We mostly just walked all through the woods and fields but we trotted up the hill a little bit. Well, Roux trotted and Fleck cantered in place behind him. :) Then we watched her and Roux jump in the field for a little bit. Fleck threw in a few bucking temper tantrums but nothing major. Until we were leaving! A big ol' horse fly came after both of them and I guess.... goosed them! Roux sort of squirted off a bit and Fleck squealed, farted, and let out an actual buck! Not the crow hops he usually does but an actual buck. Then squirted off. But then they were both done, so.. we survived. :)

I love him so.  For some reason I didn't get any pictures today. Maybe cause it was just a hot steamy day... not great lighting... maybe because I was having fun chatting with Peri.. maybe because I was too busy fending off horse flies.... ??? But it was a good day!

Friday, July 21, 2017

Easy Mode

Gah.. I love this horse!
*This week has me like.... *

We had a nice ride.... It was so hot that we just did a nice fun relaxing bareback walk to the lake and played in the lake for a bit. Fleck was a bit jiggy but it was a nice slow western pleasure jog type jig. :) Easy to sit. :) 

He had fun in the lake. So did I. He splashed, got in fairly deep, splashed, flipped his nose around in it, splashed some more, and soaked. Ahhhhhh

 Flecky was snoozing (as was Dan) when I went to go catch them for our ride. Hee hee. Fleck *IS* a morning person, as opposed to Dan. ;) I swear.. you pull out the camera and Fleck smiles!


Sunday, June 18, 2017

Happy Weekend!!!

Ahhhh.... weekends!!! Today was a long time coming and so desperately needed. It's been the first weekend in awhile that I've had to just... be. I got a good bit accomplished early this morning, while still getting an adequate nights sleep, and then I got to come ride. And I got to ENJOY my ride! I didn't have to rush through it. :) Kelli and I rode and took Dan and Arwyn to splash in the lake. And then she stayed on and joined me and Fleck for a splash in the lake again. It was a blast! Fleck was glad for the company and he so loves his lake time. We had fun and he was a bit sassy going out there. :)


Then today We went for another hack... Two in a row!!!Fleck has been getting naughty!!!
But it makes my heart smile!

We were chatting with some friends in the XC field and when we went to leave, Fleck stuck his head down and started crow hopping. Hee hee. Goober!

We had fun though. He's actually starting to feel pretty decent in the trot. The right lead canter is still terrible, but... the left lead isn't bad. :)

It was a lovely day for my ride with Fleck. There was a storm brewing and it gave the woods a creepy eerie feel. But there was a nice breeze too and a beautiful sky! It never did actually do anything other than threaten.

Ahhhhh.... I so love him. He brings me peace. I'm very grateful that we can still do this. It's not the same... and I still worry that I'm not showing him as much love as I did when we were competing and riding all the time. But I am very grateful. God knows what he's doing. It's a relief to not have to worry anymore about really breaking him, or even worse, losing him. And I really am enjoying just enjoying his company. He's gotten naughty for sure. ;) But it makes me happy that he's feeling good enough to be "naughty".

:) This was a good weekend!