Thursday, February 8, 2018

I love him so!

Great day today!!!

I had a lesson with Beth at Morning Run and Cindy was riding right after me. We were hoping to go for a short hack together so she suggested I bring Fleck. And.. I'm so glad she did. It's supposed to rain all weekend, so I probably won't get to ride him then. And it was pretty today! And it was neat to have Fleck back at his ol' stomping grounds. Hee hee. Hard to believe we boarded there about 14 years ago. Wow!!

He was a nut ball today!! We got on and watched Cindy's lesson for a little bit. Her and Josie looked fantastic! Then we went for a hack. Flecky was all animated and kept jigging and trotting. So when we finished, I told her I needed to take him for a canter in the ring. There were two other girls in there but the ring is HUGE. So.. I let him canter and ... the fool took off!! He wasn't flying, but for him, he was. And he was going so fast that he almost busted his butt a few times. Goober. I felt bad but he was on a mission. I tried to get him to slow down but he kept busting out the fast pace. I hope I didn't disturb the other girls. So then I got him to trot and tried to walk but he kept going back up into the trot. Hee hee. He cracks me up. We did jump two tiny baby crossrails. Yay!! He had fun. So then I managed to get a polite canter or two and then some polite trots. And then we all headed in. 

Only I was having fun and didn't want to get off, so we hacked down the driveways a little ways. :) 

Man I love this horse... I'm so blessed. I'm so grateful that God has allowed him to be in my life and stay in my life. I hope that I can continue riding him for a long time. 

Saturday, February 3, 2018

Sunshine and Saturday

Ahhhhh.... What a great day!! Today it was sunny, not terribly miserably cold (albeit still pretty chilly), and I refused to do any work! NOPE!! Tomorrow it's supposed to rain, so tomorrow I will work. But today.. today was glorious!

I slept in.. I let the ponies get some grass and play in the front field. Then we all went to Ashland for some riding. And Fleck and I enjoyed a nice ride. :) We did some trotting, some cantering, and lots of walking. :) Oh how I love this horse!

It was so nice to get to spend some time with him too. I knew... I KNEW... that when I retired him that this would happen. He got put on the back burner. I didn't have time to ride.. didn't have time to groom, didn't have time to adjust, didn't have time to clip, etc, etc, etc. Sorry Buddy... quick hugs and feeding and back out you go. And sure... I snuggle with him for a few moments every night, but.... still. I knew it would happen and I hate it. So today... we played and reveled. I groomed him. I even conditioned and brushed his tail. We went for a fairly lengthy ride and just enjoyed each others company. And I feel better!! I hope he does too. 

I'm also hoping that the warm weather and longer days that are on the horizon will help me get more time with him. :) 

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Snow Day!

We got some snow today. :) Not a bunch. But enough. And the high was only 32 with a windchill of 22, so it stayed... ALL DAY!!

The boys had fun. Both Danny and Fleck were running their noses along the ground, shoveling it up. :) Hee hee. And of course Fleck always has to lick the snow on the fence or trees.

Such a cutie pie!

Saturday, January 6, 2018

Twice in one week!

Yay! I got to ride Fleck twice this week :) It was cold again today so we didn't do a ton but we had fun. We walked to the lake so he could get a sip of water. It was frozen!! Then we walked around the lake and were heading back and ran into Missy and Indi. We said hi to them and then headed back in. So a quick ride, but a fun one. :) 

Thursday, January 4, 2018

2018: The Year of Fleck doing whatever he wants

Happy 2018!

Snuck in a cold ride... because it has been too long since I've ridden this sweet beast!

We had a blast. He always makes me feel better. I was getting "franky"..... Cranky because I was fleck deprived. ;)

ha ha!