Monday, March 18, 2019


Holy moly Flecky was NAUGHTY today!!

We went on a trail ride with Beth and Jamie between Danny's cavaletti and grid lesson. And Flecky was bouncy from the get go. Beth schooled Atlas over the banks in the water so while she did that I thought I'd let Fleck trot around and porpoise a bit so he'd settle for the trail ride. So.. he trotted about 4 steps and then went on the biggest porpoising spree ever!!! We almost ran into Beth and Atlas at the top of the bank... then I was afraid we'd fall into the water complex, then he went up the whole entire hill in the XC field before I could stop him. I almost fell off like 6 times. He had his nose to the ground and was hunching up and pinging around like a fish flopping out of water! I had the bareback pad on but no neck strap and just the halter with reins. And no gloves so I could barely get his head up. BAD boy!!!

And then we had a decent trail ride though he was mad because he had to be in the back because he walks too slow so we had to keep trotting to catch up. But he did a big long hour long trail ride and was still bouncy at the end. Silly boy!!

It was so good to be on him though!

Enjoying the warm weather!