Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Fiesty Fleck!

And I love it!

Fleck and I headed out to Ashland on Sunday with Liz. We went for a nice trail ride at the walk. Fleck and Party were animated and both were tap dancing and almost jigging. It made us giggle. They finally settled and we ended up in the cross country field. Liz wanted to hop Party over the ditch and Fleck and I were right beside her as we were talking. I had my feet out of the stirrups and was almost on the buckle. I didn't realize Liz was going right then and after she went, Fleck put his head down, jumped the ditch, and did a little crow hopping after. Hee hee. I almost came off as it was so unexpected. It made me giggle. Then he acted like he wanted to trot so I let him. He actually felt better today than he has recently but he still isn't his old self. So I let him trot around a little and he did another few bucks and a little canter. He was so mad... he really wanted to play with the derby course. Me too Buddy, me too. But we had fun goofing around. Then we politely walked back to the arenas and watched Party and Liz run through their test.

Ahhh... that was good for my heart! Flecks' too I think. :)