Wednesday, January 11, 2017


So... by the time I got to get on Fleck, it was getting super cold and I couldn't feel my toes, my nose, or my fingers. I did get on bareback and that warmed up my thighs. ;) But that was about it. So we had a very quick ride... to the lake, and back, and around the other lake. Then back to the trailer and home we went. But it was still a ride. :)

Thursday, January 5, 2017

First Ride of the Year....

And we are off to a great start!

Fleck was Rowdy today!!! Lots of wanting to trot and even canter. We trotted more than we have in a long time. :) It feels much much better too. The left lead canter feels pretty nice but the right lead is still funky. But he was at least able to get it today without cross cantering or falling out of it.


Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Last ride of the Year

And it was glorious!!!!
Kelli and Peri and I met and had a wonderful time. I started my ride on Danny and it was sleeting a bit. Eeeks. It wasn't bad but then it turned to a heavy drizzle and it got cold! We all went for a hack once Kelli and Peri got on and then when we were done, I hopped on Fleck. 

Since I was freezing, we rode bareback and he warmed me up. :) We didn't stay out too long since since they had already ridden and we were all wet. But... Fleck felt good!! Dr. Brown looked at him and we determined it was still trochanteric bursitis with some sciatica too. So he injected his bursa. And I didn't get a chance to ride til now. But he really felt good! He started out much less crooked and wonky and felt like he was pushing more. And that morning when I went to get him from the pasture, he was striding out pretty impressively with his hind end. :) 

After our hack, we ended up in the XC field. I was itching to try Fleck out at the trot to see how he felt and despite being cold and wet... since the rain had stopped, no one seemed to want to be done. So... I did a little bit of trotting. He felt better, but... there was still some uneveness. Only now it felt like it might be in front. I felt like one foot was hitting heavier than the others but I couldn't tell you which one. Kelli said he just looked stiff overall. I'm wondering if today he felt good in the hind, but his front was bothering him. But he still seemed to feel better in general and happier. :) 

So then.. I was itching to try a canter. I had barely gotten the words out of my mouth and Fleck turned and bounced and picked up the left lead canter. Wheee!! It was actually a VERY nice canter!! He lifted his back and was round and bouncy! And sure, maybe it was porpoising more than being round in his back, but it felt GOOD!! Ahhhhh... it made my heart so happy. I tried the right lead and it was okay. Still felt pretty wretched but he seemed more willing to keep it. 

So.... we did a little more trotting and then we decided we really should head in. 
Ahhhh.... perfect way to spend the last day of the year!