Sunday, February 26, 2017

GOATS!!! And back to normal

On Thursday I had a lesson at Silverthorn and decided to take Fleck with me since he had been pouting since he didn't get to go to the Gibbes. I was running a little short on time and was tired, so I hopped on bareback for a quick loop around Silverthorn. And Fleck was Stupid!! He was all jumpy and hollow and giraffey! What the heck fleck? Oh yeah... this was the farm with the goats.... and we were walking past where he had seen them last. I finally got him settled and then we actually came up on the goats. Luckily they were all resting and were not super scary so we danced past them. Goofy horse!

 So then Sunday I had time so we rode again. I had my normal Fleck back. We had a fun hack to the lake and back and did a little tiny bit of trotting and cantering. Oh how I miss this horse! Though it is hard because I can feel the broken-ness. :( But we are having fun trail riding. 

Sunday, February 12, 2017

 I had the teeniest bit of extra time, so I decided it was worth hopping on Fleck bareback for a quick little hack. We basically did a short loop but we were both happy to be out together!

Naughty boy

Fleck must be feeling good as he ran through the gate, down the driveway and into the road this morning!! Then into the neighbors yard, then luckily back down the driveway and into the front yard. And he was bucking and rearing and spinning and dancing..

So we went for a hack and even did a little bit of trotting and we cantered down the soft sand path along the creek. :)

Mike Rides!