Thursday, April 30, 2015

trails with zhar

Yay! We finally got to meet up with Missy and Zhar and go for a ride. It was fun catching up and the boys enjoyed each others company.
After we said good-bye to them, we went for a little bit longer of a hack. Because somebody spent a lot of time snacking while Missy and I were chatting.... ahem, Fleck! But look at that grass. How could I stop him?! :)

The lake was so pretty. Heck, everything was so pretty!

Ahhhhh... it's so good to be home!!

beautiful day for a walk hack

We are so blessed!!! What a glorious day!

Fleck and I had a blast. We did lots of walking and tried to stay round and supple while we did it.

We saw the geese again today. And sadly there was only 2 babies today. :( There was 4 the other day. I guess Daddy was on guard now because he came towards us with his wings outstretched, hissing and all menacing! It was sad about the babies, but it cracked me up. Fleck was like "what the heck dude"! Then.... "Holy crap, I'm outta here"! hee hee.. So much for helping us get over the poultry fear. hee hee.  I was giggling my butt off.


Flecky turns 18!!! I am so blessed to have had him for the last 11 years. What a special soul he is.

To celebrate, him and I headed to the horse park for a nice hack on this gorgeous day. Dang... doesn't he look great for 18!?! :)
I had to giggle because he didn't act his age. After our ride a nice couple were out for a walk. The wife was practicing for the Appalachian Trail so she had walking sticks and a back pack. She wanted to say hi to Fleck because he was super cool looking, like a big dalmation. :) Well... he couldn't figure out her pack and was all snorty and dancy. I apologized and told her that he wasn't sure what her backpack was but that normally he was super sweet and snuggly. She chatted for a minute and then opted to leave. But as she left she took her sticks and smacked them on the ground 3 times in quick succession for some reason. She about gave Fleck a heart attack. Hee hee.. Silly 18 year old horse...
But regardless, we had a most enjoyable hack in the gorgeous weather.


hee hee... Oh how I love this guy!! God has been so kind to me. I hope you had a most wonderful Happy Day Fleck!! Thanks for being you and giving me your heart.