Monday, April 13, 2015

Oh HAPPY day!!!

So....Fleck has been feeling great. And my magic sticks haven't been moving hardly at all recently over his butt injury. And then I talked to Dr. Brown about bringing him in next week to ultrasound again. He said that if he stops moving the sticks, there really isn't a NEED to ultrasound him again. But we could if I wanted to. So of course, I heard "once the sticks stop moving, get to riding"! And... they didn't move on Thursday or Friday. Or Saturday, so.... since it was SUCH a gorgeous day... I played hookie from the paso show early and went to ride. I decided that even if we don't have the ultrasound proof, he wasn't moving the sticks AND we would just walk for 2 weeks anyways. So we went for a ride. I took both boys. And they were both HORRIBLE. And it was still the BEST DAY EVER!!


Oh man it felt so good to be back on Flecky again. Despite his antics. :) I rode him first and he started out pretty well. For about 5 minutes. :) Then he was anxious to get to the other horses he knew were out there and was jigging and trotting. But he was sound. :) So I managed to keep him wrangled in mostly and we eventually jigged our way to the lake where his friends were. 

We played in the lake for about 20 minutes. And oh man did Fleck miss the lake! He splashed and played and splashed some more. And his friends splashed! It was a grand time. I was soaking wet. Lake fun
So then I took him back and they went the other way. And Fleck was horrid. He kept tossing his head and threatening to bolt. And jigging. He wouldn't even graze. So... I tried to get a bit more of a ride, but eventually gave up and headed back to the trailer. And his Dan. Who he then bit. ;) 

But it's okay because I GOT TO RIDE FLECK AGAIN!!!!!

Hopefully he'll behave better and we can get some more serious fitting up work going. And hopefully this blasted 10 day forecast of rain will change and we can accomplish some riding. And hopefully he'll stay sound and happy :) :) 

Oh HAPPY day!


  1. Yay!!! And why did the song "Back in the saddle again" play in my head while reading this? Haha No clue but it fits anyway! :-D

  2. so exciting - congrats on getting him back in action (even if it was a little naughty haha)!

  3. Yay riding! Boo naughty horse!