Thursday, April 30, 2015


Flecky turns 18!!! I am so blessed to have had him for the last 11 years. What a special soul he is.

To celebrate, him and I headed to the horse park for a nice hack on this gorgeous day. Dang... doesn't he look great for 18!?! :)
I had to giggle because he didn't act his age. After our ride a nice couple were out for a walk. The wife was practicing for the Appalachian Trail so she had walking sticks and a back pack. She wanted to say hi to Fleck because he was super cool looking, like a big dalmation. :) Well... he couldn't figure out her pack and was all snorty and dancy. I apologized and told her that he wasn't sure what her backpack was but that normally he was super sweet and snuggly. She chatted for a minute and then opted to leave. But as she left she took her sticks and smacked them on the ground 3 times in quick succession for some reason. She about gave Fleck a heart attack. Hee hee.. Silly 18 year old horse...
But regardless, we had a most enjoyable hack in the gorgeous weather.


hee hee... Oh how I love this guy!! God has been so kind to me. I hope you had a most wonderful Happy Day Fleck!! Thanks for being you and giving me your heart.