Monday, December 25, 2017

Merry Christmas!

Such a great Christmas! It was such a nice relaxing fun day. I spent the morning with Mike and we had a great Christmas. Then I took both boys for a ride. I rode Dan with Kelli but she had to go home after. So I hopped on Fleck and we took a quick spin. It was getting super cold. We had a lovely brisk little canter and did a tiny bit of trotting. And then... we were heading back but I noticed the sunset. So... I turned around and we watched it. And then it got cold, so we went back. Then when we were at the trailer I looked again and it was amazing, so I hopped back on and we rode back out and watched a bit more. 

 Christmas Wreaths!


It was such a beautiful sunset... I just sat there on my amazing pony and prayed and thanked God for everything. I thanked Jesus for all he did for us, and God for all he has done. It was lovely. And then it was super cold so I headed in. The sunset got even more amazing but it was too cold to go back out. :) 

Such an awesome Christmas!

Friday, December 22, 2017

Flecky Time!

Flecky and I got to sneak in a little ride. :) He wasn't quite as wild today as the last few rides, but we did a fair amount of trotting. At the very end I asked him for just a little canter in the XC field and then he could go eat. :) As soon as he hit the field, he went into an impressive crow hop canter.... almost threw me over his withers onto his neck twice. Ha! I really thought I might come off. Goober! But I didn't. :) 

Then I let them graze on the rye while I finished stalls. :)


Sunday, December 17, 2017

My Heart and Soul

Oh how I love this silly horse!!

This weekend has been a little rough. I'm struggling with lots of things... and the weather was terrible. In fact,  it started drizzling while I was on Danny and I almost didn't get on Fleck. BUT... it had been so long since I've ridden him and the rain slacked off when I finished with Danny.... 

So I hopped on him super quick. It started to drizzle again as we got out of the parking lot, but that was okay. We headed to the XC field and Fleck was spooking at the standards set up in the field. They had set up a gallop track so that you could check your pace and had signs saying "350, 400, etc" on them.  Fleck knew they weren't there last time but I guess couldn't figure out what they were, so he got all spooky. :) He cracks me up.

Stephanie and Christy were there riding and were at the water complex, so we wandered down to say hi. It was fun to see them. We chatted and walked into the water to give Ella a lead. And then after a bit I decided I was going to get on with my ride. I went to head off and Fleck did a little bit of a bolt with his porpoising "bucks". Ha ha... I was cracking up. I honestly couldn't stop him but he wasn't going very fast. Luckily he didn't spook Ella or Ava and I managed to pull him up finally. So then we started trotting off and he busted into a gallop. (His version anyways, but it was a gallop for him!). And we galloped to the lake. He's such a goober! But... he always knows how to make my heart and soul feel better. He knew I needed a giggle and a laugh and some speed. And he didn't give me a choice in the matter. :)

So then it started raining pretty hard, so I decided it was getting too cold and we needed to head back. We trotted a good bit and cantered a bit more as we headed home. All on his accord.... He was feisty. :) 

I love him so!

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Snow Day!

It "snowed" today. :) Well, it did snow, but it didn't accumulate and only lasted about 5 hours. :) 

And now it's super cold. :) But it was pretty. :) 


Sunday, November 26, 2017

Just because he's awesome!

We had a bouncy trail ride with Peri and George. Flecky wanted to go! But he behaved.

Then he hung out and grazed while Dan and I rode at home today. :)

Thursday, November 23, 2017

All the Thanks

Thanksgiving 2017!!

I'm so grateful for so much in my life.... My husband, who amazes me every day and makes me fall more in love with him each day. My family, who puts up with me and loves me despite me being me. My wonderful animals... including the super duper Flecky. 

I just love him so. He was a good boy on his new trailer today. We went for a spin and by the time Dan and I finished it was getting cold. I almost didn't ride, but I'm so glad I did. The sunset was pretty awesome looking but by the time I got Fleck out there we missed most of it. But we had a blast. He was frisky and we basically power trotted and cantered from the XC field to the lake. :) We didn't ride long because I wanted to get home before dark and not have to try to park the trailer in the dark. I kind of accomplished it. ;)

Sunday, November 12, 2017


I love this guy! He sat and waited his turn in the trailer. After I tacked him up, I went and chatted with a friend in the parking lot and then another friend showed up. So we chatted a bit more. Finally Fleck had enough and tossed his head and started heading towards the fields. Ha ha.. "I guess we're leaving now!, BYE!". :) 

And he was FRISKY!! It was chilly out and I really think Fleck feels better in the cold. He was trotting and busted out into the canter as soon as we hit the open field. We had a lovely walk around and then ended back up in the XC field. And the Fleck pretty much broke into a "gallop" and took off with me. Ahhhhh... It was nice.

He just knows how to make me laugh. We had fun. 

Thursday, November 2, 2017

My heart Horse... My Heart and Soul

 He always makes me smile! He knew I needed a little trotting and cantering today and happily obliged. :)

Sunday, October 22, 2017

It's Fall Y'all!

Well actually it was still a bit humid today because we have some rain coming in, but.. it's been so lovely the last week with some cool nights and less humidity. And next week is supposed to get almost chilly! Yay!! I'm so tired of sweating my butt off while working and riding. Plus the ponies are so fluffy! I haven't clipped anyone yet because I haven't had time. (I really should be doing my AP report instead of this, but my brain just needed a breather). 

And the leaves are changing too. :)