Sunday, May 28, 2017

At last

Bested the last few rides... clients, sprinklers scaring dan, more clients... weather...

But today.... yay!!!

Fleck was fiesty and felt good!!!

Baby Deer!!

Sprinklers freaking out dan, but... rode at home...

saw this...almost fell off

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Ahhhh, beautiful Spring!!

We've been so lucky this year! We've had a SPRING!!! Like, more than 4 days of it. Lovely gorgeous beautiful weather without the humidity. I know it's coming, but I'm enjoying it so much while it lasts!

Today was a fun day. I rode Dan and then Kelli joined me and Fleck for a nice long hack. Flecky was a goober but we had fun. I love him so. We got to splash in the lake for a bit which we haven't done in awhile for whatever reason. He was thrilled. He was a little sad that everyone else was XC schooling and he wasn't, so I let him hop over a log. :) 

 He cracks me up!

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Blessed weekend

Wow. Two rides in a row :) 

I'm so blessed to have this special horse in my life. Even if he still feels crooked and stiff, I LOVE that I can hop on him bareback and we can go out for a hack. And I Love that he still puts his heels up every now and then and still wants to go for a canter or a gallop, even if he is breathing harshly because of his throat and peg legged because of arthritis. We have fun. We're still having fun. And he still makes my heart happy. :)