Friday, April 17, 2015

Making it happen

So... today was a tough day. I was just feeling very frustrated and incompetent. But then, Mike said the magic words... "Just go ride your horse". I had taken the truck to get the oil changed so I couldn't GO anywhere. I decided to ride anyways and just ride at home. Yes, we're only walking and there aren't any fun trails, but... we could do lateral work. So we did. Bareback! I tacked up and we walked the fenceline at first (partly to check for damage from all the bad weather but mostly to try to find Dan's shoes!). We actually had a great ride and I rode for much longer than I thought I would. We did about 30 solid minutes of flat work - leg yield, shoulder in, renvers (Or travers... I can't ever remember which is which), spiral in, spiral out, turn on the forehand, turn on the haunches. I tried to ride him almost like he was Dan. I thought it couldn't hurt to ride him without relying on the reins and worrying about a headset and ride him more from the leg and seat. It didn't go badly, so... :) 

Then we did a tiny bit of hill work and then headed back to the barn. It was a good day. And it fixed my day. :) Ahhhh.... love my big guy. 

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