Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Roller Coaster

So... what a roller coaster. Poor Fleck. Poor Me. I just cannot decide what to do for him. I do one thing and then I second guess myself.... 

Currently he is barefoot and sore in his muscles at his hip and sciatica. I think. So... lasering, lasering, lasering... (MUST laser more like a good mommy), and more lasering. Today I also equitaped him which was giving off a LOT of heat, so I hope this helps him. And he's got new herbs planned. And I'll keep doing the somatics. And the acupuncture. And the chiro. 

And now I"ve got to get Roany done too. She's looking awfully puny. Sigh... my poor ponies. 

But Fleck did seem to appreciate the attention today. So fingers crossed this helps him. And once I get through my acupuncture final, I plan to do lots of fascia research :) 

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