Sunday, October 15, 2017

Lazy days

Poor Flecky... he's been on the back burner with Dan in rehab. Plus he's been stuck in his stall too... and then the arena with Dan. I actually think he likes the stall though, because sometimes I leave him home while I take Dan so he can get some grass and roam. And more often than not, when we come home, he's standing in his stall. :) 

Anyways... we've just been doing some lazy rides! Bareback fun hacks. With friends, alone....  But we've had fun. 

And the other day... I wanted to ride Dan in the front field and wanted to let Fleck out with us but didn't want Fleck to gallop up ahead so I ponied him off Dan to the front. It wasn't perfect at first but he was actually really good. So yay!

Anyways, lots of happy ear pictures :) 

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