Sunday, July 8, 2018

Double Whammy!

Whoo hooo!! Two rides in one week!! After so many weeks of no rides. :) 

Although the stinker has been on my shit list lately.... Fleck, who can do no wrong, has done wrong! So... first, it started with him trying to eat Danny. Which, thank goodness, he got over that and this morning they went out together. Phew!

So anyways, this morning was lovely and cool and beautiful out, so after I turned them out I was bush hogging the arena and behind the old barn. I was almost out of gas so I left the gate open, as the horses were in the front field, and went to get gas. Of course, both Fleck and Dan came out and were in the barn where we store the tractor. So I chased them off and then Fleck ran to the barn. So I finally caught them and put them back in the proper field. But as I let them go, Fleck got his panties in a wad and bucked and bolted off and kicked out... He managed to ever so softly kick me in the butt!! I was pissed!!!

So anyways... after I did the rest of the mowing, cleaned the house and caught up on chores, and went grocery shopping, I opted to go ride. I went and caught Fleck first and was looking for Dan.... and in the process Fleck almost stepped on me. So I went to smack him and he flung his head and almost knocked me out. Ugh... Naughty Naughty Fleck!! Goober.

Anyways, we had a nice short little hack at Ashland. We didn't go to the lake because I didn't want Fleck's cellulitis and wound to get infected, so.. we just hacked around. We had a little gallop and porpoise :) 

I do love this stinker though...

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