Sunday, December 8, 2013

Getting our South Louisianna Cajun on!!

I have the most wonderful horse ever!!!!!! I decided that I wanted to ride Fleck in the Christmas Parade in town. I've wanted to for a few years and finally was able to do it. Missy and Zhar joined us which is a good thing because Fleck needed Zhar for support! It was so much fun!!!! And a lot... a LOT of waiting.

They wanted us there at 5:30 at the latest, even though the parade didn't start until 6:30. So we got ready and then got on. Fleck and Zhar were great at the trailer and then once we got on, they got antsy and wanted to go. So we lined up... and waited... and waited... and waited!!! They let the entire parade go through first I think. Fleck was not happy! He was dancy and jiggy and wanted to get the party started!! But he behaved himself as long as I let him dance around. Then finally at about 7:30, it as our turn! We walked out!! That is definitely an experience. I'm sure it was a small parade... but it was soooo cool. 

We walked out into a road with a wall of people on both sides. Lots of cheering and noise and "Horseeeeeee" coming from little girls. And lots of noise from the parade in front and behind us. It was serious sensory overload. But Fleck was awesome!!!! He kept his cool and was such a show off. Sure, he was crab walking some but I think that was because I was trying to hold him back so we weren't right at the exhaust of the WAG van. 

It was really fun. I'm so proud of him. It was nice to be able to feel like rock stars for those little girls. 

Another check for the bucket list! Another check for Fleck's resume :) 


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