Monday, December 2, 2013

More dressage

Fleck and I had another lesson with Sandy. She came out to Ashland and it was oh so convenient. :) It was another good ride. We're still working on the same stuff, but I do think perhaps we're getting somewhere!

I really need to focus on me! My right arm tends to creep forward and be way too giving. My left hand needs to shorten up the reins instead of puppy dogging. And I need to be aware of how uneven they are. When I feel like I'm riding with my hands even... my left hand is way behind my right hand. Fleck still needs me to really close and hold with that right hand and really not be so grabby with the left. I still feel like he's going to careen to the right when I don't hold onto the left rein. BUT... I can combat that with riding shoulder in, using my hips to push his shoulders over. And also closing my outside leg to keep him from drifting. I should ALWAYS be thinking shoulder in and leg yield or doing it. ;) 

Our canter was a bit better, but he tends to take over the tempo some. So I need to SIT and maintain the tempo, and really really hold with that outside (right) rein. Even going to the right... still hold the connection in the right rein. I also need to then push his haunches out a bit... so again, think shoulder in and a bit of leg yielding. This is accomplished by my hips turning in, my inside (left) leg pushing in, and my outside rein holding steady. Argh... so much to think about!!

But it was good. And Sandy said again how pleased she was with us. Now to get someone to video to prove to me how uneven my hands are. Or do what Beth made me do and ride with the whip in my hands. ;)

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