Sunday, November 24, 2013

Epic Trail ride

So... Fleck and I have had some fun lazy trail rides after our dressage lesson. Partly because I'm working this week and partly because we wanted to. :) But bareback :) Still no Stirrup November!

So yesterday I met Missy and Zhar for a fun ride. We had a good hack through the trails and ended up at the little haybale. I told Missy how I had jumped it and she asked "want a picture?". Um... challenge accepted!! ;) So we jumped it... and got a picture :) Then Missy wanted to try it and I got a picture of her. After we finished with that as we were walking away, Missy noticed two really deep holes nearby. So she hopped off and broke some sticks to fill the holes with. Zhar was just grazing nearby and I was just sitting on Fleck, letting him graze and looking at the pictures on my phone. Something suddenly spooked Fleck and Zhar because Fleck dropped about a foot and scooted forward about a foot at once. I ended up on his hiney on my back with only one hand on the reins. I knew it wasn't going to end well. Fleck and Zhar both bolted and I landed on my left side. It hurt. I landed on my thigh first, then my left arm, then my left cheek. Luckily I was just sore. Not even any cool bruises really to show for it. ;) Also luckily... Fleck and Zhar didn't bolt very far and then went back to grazing. We caught both of them and then I walked Fleck back to the haybale to get back on. After the jumping, but prior to the bolting, we were joined by another girl and her horse. After I got back on Fleck she mentioned that she saw a bee. Odd... it was COLD! Well about 2 seconds after she said that Fleck started bucking. Oh no! So I hopped off and then noticed that the hole where Missy put the stick was swarming with yellow jackets! She disturbed the nest and they were pissed. So I dragged Fleck away and he kept bucking and swishing. He had a yellow jacket stinging him on his sheath!! Poor dude. I was able to swat it away but it drew blood. So I then had to get on by climbing on the gate and we hightailed it out of there.

Quite the exciting day. ;)

Today he looked pretty good and felt pretty good. I'm a bit sore where I hit and then my neck and upper back are sore when I move certain ways. But overall, not bad at all. So I went for another bareback trail ride ;) This time with Liz and Cindy. And of course we had to play a little in the cross country field. Fleck and I did some jumping and some galloping. Initially with very little steering and very little breaks. But he finally started paying attention and we had some nice jumps. We even jumped into the water down the bank and over the log on the bank quite nicely. No stirrups still :) Go me. I swear I do down banks better without stirrups. Fleck always seems happy but with stirrups he gets pissy and bucky. I must brace or something. We then had a fun enjoyable hack. I made sure to keep Fleck connected for most of the walk rather than letting him continue to go around inverted and hollow. Muscle memory!!! :) Cindy reminded me it takes 21 days... so I'm really going to try to be better about it so he'll be easier to keep connected and happier.

Oh, but before the two bareback rides... Dr. Heidi came out to do Fleck's chiro adjustment again. She made me "adjust my own damn horse"!. hee hee. But it was great. I was nervous but actually did a good job. I felt all the right things and at the right places. And once I got a little bit braver and used a bit more force, I even corrected him. She also taught me how to do his jaw and his sternum. Cool beans :) She said that his body looked better than the last time she saw him. Yay!!!

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