Sunday, November 24, 2013

Take that ditch and wall!!

Today Fleck and I hauled to Bubba's for a XC school. It was a long drive for a quick school, but they had the ditch and wall that was adjustable. :) And it was fun. Despite the fact that Fleck lost a shoe 3/4 of the way into it. Sigh... Doh! I was also testing out the helmet cam but I didn't charge the remote battery and kept hitting the wrong button when it was on top of my head. Doh!! Man..... Oh well. Next time.
I love how he always has a snack ;)

We warmed up and I forgot some very important pieces of information. 1) Fleck was freshly clipped. 2) It was a bit chilly out.(initially... it warmed up quickly) 3) I had on decent sized spurs. Ha!! He let me know when I accidentally goosed him and went on a little bucking spree. Hmmm... this seems to be developing into a habit. ;) We had some good warm up jumps and I got him in front of my leg and connected. Then we had to walk the ditch a few times to help out the green bean. Fleck still rolls his eyes at Beth when she makes him walk stuff, but... it really does help!

We did the bank complex and even nailed the up bank, over the ditch, down the bank thingy. :) Yay! Then we did the ditch and wall. He didn't even flinch. But admittedly, it was a small ditch and wall. Even when we put two poles on top, it was still small. I was sooooo close to going ahead and entering Pine Top, whether that ditch and wall was on there or not. I'm at the point where I want to attack it!! Until I actually see it in front of me ;) But still. I was feeling good. Then we did the other bank complex, which has a double up bank bounce. Or double down. We did both. The first time, Fleck was a saint and saved my hiney. The second time, I rode and it was nice. :)  Both up and down.

We did the water too and that went fine. Then we went to the skinny chevron and my dumb self ran him at it and then jumped up his neck a whole stride early. Thus giving Beth a near heart attack. We tried again and I fixed it and he jumped it quite nicely. Then we did the trakenher, which was a little intimidating looking. It didn't ride great, but rode well enough.

All in all, a great day! Minus the missing shoe. But Fleck got magic cushioned and it was put back on the next day. Yay!

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