Sunday, November 24, 2013

Shocking the judge!

So... after Fleck lost his shoe schooling XC, we got it put back on the next day. But then I had to fly out to Kansas. (A day early...that's a whole other story! But it meant I missed out on a ride). When I got back in town Fleck and I had a good dressage ride but he felt a bit more tough to get into the right rein than recently. But all in all a pretty decent ride. Then I did a day clinic shift and by the time I got back it was dark. So then the next day it was back to work again. But I managed to sneak in another lesson with Sandy Osborn. And it was great!!
Yet again it was blustery and cold. But I worked up a sweat. When we pulled in I went to pick out Fleck's feet and there was an actual nail in his foot!!Eeeeks!! Luckily it was laying flat in his frog and didn't actually puncture his foot. Jeesh. Scary stuff. Anyways, we tacked up and warmed up at the walk and headed out to the ring. The horses were running around in the pastures around so Fleck was a bit distracted. But within 10 minutes he was going pretty solidly. I was getting an even connection in both reins and a fairly straight horse. yay!! Even Sandy was impressed. She said that I was clearly doing my homework because Fleck was where we wanted him in 10 minutes whereas last time it took the entire lesson. We worked on the connection in all three gaits and while there were moments of fussing, spooking, and inversion, all in all he was pretty good! My position was getting better too I guess as she didn't have to fuss at me for pinching with my thighs. Maybe no stirrup November is really helping! (And yes... I had my stirrups for my lesson). But I still need to poke my bellybutton out more and sit up taller.

Then we worked on some transitions and keeping the connection during the transition. I really have to remember to not give with my right hand. It always creeps forward. BOTH directions... I need to almost use that as my "outside rein" both ways. And on the flipside, again, I'm not elastic enough with my left hand. I need to follow more, and allow that stretch. 

We then even moved on to the shoulder in. Poor Flecky... shoulder in is much harder when you're really on the aids. He was trying all sorts of things to get out of it. He was cantering instead of trotting, fish tailing, crow hopping, etc. I was just giggling. Sandy kept telling me to ride it out and just sit still until he figured it out. She also said to play connect the dots! To connect the dots of Flecks inside hind, my inside hip, my outside shoulder and my outside rein. I think. It made sense and when I did that, she said I was right. So cool! We finally got a few stretches of proper connected shoulder in. Sweet!!!

At the end of our lesson Sandy sounded rather shocked and said that after our first lesson she figured we'd have to repeat that lesson 15 times or so before we could move on. But she was quite pleased! hee hee.. shocking the judge by his amazingness. Go Flecky ;) 

I am really excited!! It's so cool how it all is coming together. I know it's not that Sandy suddenly is making him awesome. It's a culmination of all the hard work Cindy put into us, him feeling good with proper vet care, my saddle working with me, and the biomechanics I'm learning in chiro school making sense in my brain, and then the last little bit of connection that Sandy fought for... brought it all together. And I'm sure it'll all fall apart again, and probably soon. But it's nice now. :) I'm enjoying it.

And hopefully I can get back on track and get more consistent lessons with Sandy and Cindy. And then show it off sometime. :) We still have that second 2nd level score to get. :) 

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