Saturday, November 9, 2013

Helmet Cam!!!

Santa came early!! Mike got me a helmet camera as an early Christmas present. I told him I could wait til Christmas but he let me play with it now. :) YAY! It's fun.

Fleck and I managed to squeeze in a short ride tonight before the sun set. It was cloudy, so no spectacular sunset. But we had a blast. We saw two or three hawks (unless one was the owl), multiple deer, and just had fun. The helmet cam is neat. I opted to go bareback since I was running out of light and you know... no stirrup Nov. :) 

I even jumped the haybale again!! But this time I've got it on video. He's so awesome!
 Jumping the roundbale!
Oh, and... we're moseying along like usual. And like usual, I was mostly letting him pick the paths. We were heading back along and I asked him if he wanted to take the Great Northern path home.  He passed it, so I said "okay, how about Hoot N Holla then?". I was thinking it was the first path on the left, but he passed that one. Then he looked at the sign and turned left onto the next path... which WAS Hoot N Holla. I swear, the boy can spell and read!! What a hoot!!
Bareback Trail Hack video 

Anyways... XC schooling tomorrow. I'm excited :) Flecky feels good and was happy to get out tonight. 

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  1. how fun! I love the hay bale jump video! Get it girl!

    have fun xc schooling!