Saturday, November 9, 2013

More Fall Lovelyness

I was running out of daylight but Fleck and I managed to sneak in a ride! It was gorgeous too. We just did a short hack and had a blast doing it. 

Then early the next morning Cindy and I met up at the horse park for an early morning ride. It was gorgeous with the mist at the horse park.

Then to continue no stirrups November, but not DIE while doing intervals (and more importantly not flop around and make Fleck back sore) I opted for super short stirrups for an interval day. 
 And yes... we did jump that :) And Yes, it is a haybale.. but yes.. it is a baby one. ;)

As usual, we finished with a soak in the lake :) Luckily, I had clipped Fleck that morning so he wasn't too miserable. :)

Lots of trail fun this time of year!

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