Thursday, October 31, 2013

Fall Foliage Festival

And Fall has arrived!!! In full bloom. And it is gorgeous!

So gorgeous that Fleck and I decided to do our dressage at the horse park today on top of the hill. And since I started "No stirrups November" a day or two was exciting. He was working really well and we even got slobber! Then we went to do our canter work and that was a bit too exciting! Especially with no stirrups. Hee hee. He wasn't bad... just very forward! And very big. But he came back quite nicely and we got some really nice round bouncy canters. Even got two lead changes. When I asked! But they weren't exactly dressagey. Hee! They were...exuberant! He was really good though. It was fun. And then we had a good trail ride that was very colorful and peaceful. Minus the big gallop up the steep hill!

Is it time to gallop yet Mom? I was good, right?!

Okay, so half of these were at Ashland and the other half at the Horsepark. Both places are so beautiful right now!

I had to add a few more!! I forgot to include them. So yep, we've been doing some fun trail riding and some fun stirrup-less dressage and even a bit of jumping work. :)

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