Thursday, October 31, 2013

Grid Fun

Grid Day at Wishing Tree!! Always fun. Hannah and I always have a good time jumping together. :) And Beth had a crazy fun grid set up for us. Flecky felt good!! The goober was bucking again like crazy! At one point, he almost got me off. Silly boy! But it was fun!

We started with a low cross rail with a ground pole. Then we either went left to a four stride or right to a five stride vertical. Then it grew to include another 4 or 5 strides on a bendy line in the opposite s curve to the "cats cradle". The cats cradle is an X but...parallel to the ground. So you could jump from all four sides essentially. It was tougher than it looked! Especially when Beth had us jump the cross rail (which was ultimately raised to an X) and didn't tell us which way to jump (Left or right) until we were over the X. It was a tough line really, but once I got the hang of it, it was easier. Beth said no cheating by angling the fences. Or turning in the air. So once I got the hang of just slightly changing the bend essentially, Fleck knew which way to turn and it was smooth. And I could almost do that in the air (without cheating!). 

Then we added more to it. After the cats cradle, we took a long curved line to either some skinny barrels or a big vertical. Those were a little bit harder to get the right distance to, but we eventually got it. Fleck was jumping well!

Lots of fun! No pictures though... :( 

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