Saturday, October 26, 2013

Relaxing after Texas

Fleck and I had some leisure time after Texas. Well, Fleck did. HA! I went to Kansas to start my animal chiropractic classes. Then back to work. But Fleck enjoyed 5 days off and some trail riding. He still seemed a bit sore at his SI joint, even with the time off. I decided it was time to inject it. And Kim let me do one side. Wheee! It was fun. And I really feel like it helped Fleck a LOT! Of course after we did that he had his three days off and then I got to ride. He was sound and happy! And so happy he was bucking and galloping! Wheee. Then the next day I found him with a swollen leg. Argh.. It ended up being swollen and sore for 3 or 4 days and was due to ant bites. Jeesh dude! So I finally broke down and gave him a 1/4 dose of steroids. He felt MUCH better and that afternoon the fool was a bucking and galloping maniac! We went for a trail ride and he was a bit lit up. I finally got to the field behind halfshire and let him have a "Nice canter". Ha!! That resulted in him bucking and crow hopping across the field. He was polite at the walk at least. We had fun with Missy and Judy and when we headed back home, I decided to try a little bit of jumping, just for fun. That too resulted in bucking and bolting and galloping. But we did finally get in two polite jumps and a nice canter... that quickly turned into a race attempt with Cash. Jeesh. I finally gave up at trying to accomplish anything productive. But we sure had a blast doing what we were doing!! :)

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