Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Collection Lesson

Such a beautiful day! I hauled both boys to Wishing Tree Farm and had a lesson with each of them. With Fleck we worked on getting his trot more collected and him working from his hiney. We started with a trot and Beth had us trot over three ground poles and change directions. With each change in bend and over the ground poles Fleck had to stay soft and round and over his topline. That was tough! But we got it. It was harder to go from the left to the right because he did not want to go into the left rein, but we got it. I also had to work really hard to keep his rhythm the same and the tempo the same. Then to make it harder, Beth shortened up the poles. So I really had to collect Flecky. I had to use my core and get his hind end bouncing without him getting longer. It was fun! Then Beth added more poles! Eeeks. But we did it. It was good hard work. We quit with that as Fleck was really using himself the whole ride.

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