Saturday, June 7, 2014

Great Day!

I am so utterly blessed!!! What a most GLORIOUS Day!! I took both boys to Ashland and they were both wonderful!!! Fleck and I schooled in the jump ring and did some work over the ground poles again. He felt really good and we worked on our leg yields and counter canters. Afterwards I took a short trail ride and then Fleck hung out while I worked with Dan. After Dan's ride, I got back on Fleck bareback again and ponied Dan and we all played in the lake. Both boys had fun cooling off and they were both splashing so much, they drenched me too! So much fun! I'm so glad I have this wonderful place to enjoy with them. 


  1. Is the other Appaloosa yours as well?

  2. He is. He has s blog too. Wapzhotdan.Blogspot. com. I love him too