Saturday, September 13, 2014

Dressage Lesson:

Fleck and I had a lesson with Beth today at Ashland. It was great! We worked on some specific things.

We focused on our lengthenings at the trot. I tend to go too big and push him past his comfort zone. So... we came across the diagonal but I only lengthened from the first quarter line to the last quarter line. This made him pay attention and had me focus on keeping him upright and using my core. It really seemed to help. It also was beneficial to not "go for broke" and push him past his ability level.

We also worked on keeping the trot smaller. It's amazing how my "working" trot is probably closer to a medium. Which makes it hard to then show a true medium/lengthen. So... I kept him a smidge smaller, but had to keep him active. Then I was better able to show a difference.

And I really need to pay attention to my geometry. My 15 meter circles were much too small. They almost need to be like 10 meter circles in my brain. Only they aren't... but closer to 10 meter circles than I think. So... I'll be practicing some geometry!

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