Saturday, August 30, 2014

Breathing... and counting... and shocker! RIDING!!

Today I had a jump lesson with Beth at Wishing Tree. I also adjusted Caroline which was convenient. :)

It was a good lesson! I was able to think. And breathe. And ENJOY my ride. :) :) And I counted, so we had good rides! Only once did I drop him. And *I* thought I saw the long spot and held, but Beth said I saw the long spot and dropped him. Doh. But I didn't the next time we hit that funky spot. :) YAY! And over one jump that he kind of puked over, I landed and sent him on gently and encouragingly and therefore the next line was quite nice.

We did a handful of mini-courses and the majority of the fences were quite nice!! Yay!

No photos.. poo!

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