Friday, August 29, 2014

Fleck still hasn't found his marbles!

So today Fleck and I snuck in another ride. :) We mostly walked, but also did about 25 minutes of trotting and then we headed back to the jump ring. Fleck was still awfully convinced the round pen monster was going to return! And he was still terrified of the liver pool. I managed to get him a little closer to it but he still wouldn't touch it with his nose. I also managed to get him to walk between it and the standard without flinching today. :) Then I got back on and we jumped it. Quite a few times, but he still hasn't gotten over the fear. It's so odd!! So we managed to jump it quite a few times and he wasn't quite so spazzy so we quit. Then we went for a little gallop in the XC field and soaked in the lake.

Ashland is so beautiful! I'm so lucky!

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