Friday, August 8, 2014

But more gallops

So.... back to work!! I was really hating that I didn't ride Sunday. So I meant to ride Monday, but Sunday overnight was insane. Then I thought I'd ride Tuesday, but Monday was insane. Ugh... So finally, on Wednesday, it was time to ride! Regardless of how exhausted I was. But I manned up and we did another gallop set. It was hot and humid by the time we got out there, but it was my only option.
We did 15 minutes of walk, 20 minutes of trot, then three gallop sets. The first one we did was 4 minutes and Fleck was going!! He was galloping like a beast! He did start breathing heavy again. Which is still worrying me. But he was happy to go. We did the 4 minutes and I gave him a three minute breather, but even before then he was trotting again. So then we did 3 minutes at a slower canter because at this point, he realized that perhaps he didn't want to run like a fiend. Then another breather, again, during which he was ready to go, and then our final 3.5 minute gallop.
And finishing with a little trot to the lake to soak!
But oh my!!! The goose poop was very intriguing to Fleck. Hee hee. He kept snorting at it and splashing at it. Hee hee.
Oh, and go me! I did three 2 minute sets of two point while Fleck was trotting today! That's 3 times as much as I did last time. :) 

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