Friday, August 8, 2014

Lazy much for go time.

Ugh... I needed this! Rough rough week, and it's not even over yet. I picked up some extra shifts and it seems like suddenly every one wants to have their horse adjusted. So, on top of working the Sunday overnight after grid day, then riding Monday morning and then adjusting 8 horses and 1 dog Monday afternoon, and then playing Tuesday and then working the Tuesday overnight, I also worked my usual Wed, Thurs, and Fri overnights. I was exhausted!! It was not slow at work at all either. It was non-stop. So I only managed to ride Saturday. I probably could have ridden Sunday. But instead I went to visit with Mom and Ken with Mike and then when we got home, I opted to nap instead of ride. I really wish I had just ridden, but it was probably smart. It was slammed Sunday night again and then again Mon and Tues overnights. 

So, we just took a nice fun ride. We started in the dressage ring and ran through the dressage test. Then Judy showed up, so we finished with a nice hack with her and Cash. Fleck was thrilled to get to see his buddy again and Judy and I had fun chatting. I didn't get any pictures as it was too much fun chatting. 

But it did my soul good. :)

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