Thursday, August 28, 2014

Back at it....Dressage work's time to get back to dressage. Especially since we dropped down to training for Stableview... and that means Training Test B. Oh how I LOATHE that test... it's so sling shotty....
 I can't wait til I fix things and we can get back up to P/T at least. And also, I had an epiphany... Perhaps the problem is not Fleck being sore, or Fleck not being a "prelim horse". Perhaps.. the problem is that *I* suck! I mean sure... I know Fleck is maxed out and not in the best physical condition. But I swear that he seems happy and is going well and I'm listening...I really think the issue is that I am so stressed that I can't ride well/effectively. Or at least thats part of it. I mean, he clocked around Chatt hills like a rockstar until the mental fence of mine. So... we'll keep at it and as long as he's happy, I'll focus on riding properly. And decreasing my life energy sucking drama. Which means... getting through Training Test B. Ugh..

So... we did have to take a little break for Mike and Holly's Beaufort trip! It was just as pretty as I remember. I can't wait to get back up there with Fleck in December. Anyways, then Mike's family came to visit, so Fleck got a few days off. I was able to sneak in a ride though! At home. And we worked on rapid transitions and it seemed to really help with the Training Test B. Of course, it was almost easier to ride 1/4 circle trot, 1/4 circle canter, 1/4 circle canter lengthen, 1/4 circle collected trot, etc...than a full circle. But it's a good prep for that test I think. So we'll keep working on that. :) Then we went for a quick hack and Mike came out to say hi and got some photos. Then on the way back in, Fleck came unglued. I don't know what he saw in the woods, but he was spooked! I thought he was going to spin and dump me in the woods, so I finally just got off. I managed to keep him calm, but he was more spooked than he's been in awhile. Crazy ness!
 See... he was all snorty and googley eyed!


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