Monday, December 1, 2014

Day off???

So Fleck was supposed to get today off. But I needed to ride Dan before tomorrow. When I went to get Dan, he was at the creek and Fleck was in the front field. Fleck heard me and neighed at me but I told him to enjoy the day. He hung out in the front field until I was loading Dan up and then he came neighing his fool head off and cantering up to the gate. TAKE ME TAKE ME TAKE ME!!!!!!!!! So I had to. How could I resist?! He about jumped into the trailer. :)

So we went for a nice easy walk ride. No being "on the bit", no rules... just a nice long walk. It was a beautiful day and I'm glad I got to ride him. Especially since Lisa will be riding him tomorrow. (We're both so alike... I think he was more jealous that Dan was going without him... and tomorrow I'm going to be jealous that Lisa is riding him and not me). Ha! Two peas in a pod. 

But seriously.. it was too gorgeous of a December day to NOT ride the Fleckinator!


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