Monday, December 8, 2014

Trail Ride in Helen

Ackkkk!!! Somebody else is on my precious Fleck!!! It doesn't happen often, but sometimes I let some special people ride Flecky. :) Lisa is one of those. She came to visit and I met her up near Dahlonega with both boys. She rode Fleck and I rode Dan. Dan was pretty good and Fleck was a star as usual. :)
We had a great time. We went to Fausett Trails and it was a nice place. Good parking lot with a wash rack and water. The trails were pretty cool. STEEP though!! It was some serious hill work. But many of the trails were wide enough to go side by side on, which is great. And lots of different loops. We picked a shorter loop because it was so steep and I didn't want Dan to get tired and have it not be fun. He's not as fit as Fleck. Although even Fleck was a little out of breath up some of those steeper hills. Some serious hill work! But we had fun. It was a 2 hour haul, but it would be worth going again.

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