Sunday, May 17, 2015

lesson with beth

Well crap! Darn, darn, darn. I knew something wasn't quite right with Fleck. But I took him to my Beth lesson because I thought she could help me figure it out. And it's subtle. So I got tacked up and in we went. And we started warming up and suddenly... Fleck was LAME! Like really lame. :( What?!? He wasn't like this before. :( Wahh.....

Beth thought it might be right hind. I felt a little right front but more right hind. Tracking right is worse. And then we cantered, in case it was SI and the canter might perk him up. And ugh... what was happening?!? He was like... really... wrong! It was bizarre. I couldn't tell what he was doing. I think he may have been bunny hopping behind. Sigh. We went the other way and it was better, but still not right. So... Back to the trot we went. He did get a little better with some stretching. So we decided to keep going but to work on specific stuff that wouldn't make him worse.
So we set up three or four ground poles and trotted in a circle through them. We worked on getting lift and sit without racing. I had to slow his gait down. He felt SOOOO slow! (Hee hee... especially after riding Dan). So we did it in both directions and figure 8's. It was helpful for both of us. And Fleck seemed happy to keep going and his lameness improved a good bit. So... sigh...

It was so humid though because it was about to storm. I rode Dan next and Fleck was in the trailer. It started to rain on Dan and I and then lightning too. So we headed for the barn but we had to go and rescue Fleck first. He was grateful. :) 

So.... I'm so sad. I want my big guy back and feeling better. :(

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