Monday, May 4, 2015

We Trots!

So...Fleck and I had a blast! (And despite the photo saying Sunday, it was actually Saturday). Saturday was a long day! So long it felt like Sunday apparently. ;) I showed Danaroo earlier in the day and we were on for a long time because the show was running behind. I finished up and headed home. I was supposed to go watch the Kentucky Derby at a party and knew it would make me late, but... WORTH IT! We had a great time.

It was such a gorgeous day. We decided to do a little trotting. And then, since he felt so good, we did a bit more trotting. We ended up doing 3 sets of 5 minutes each. Not back to back necessarily, but still. :)

And we MAY have done a little canter in the cross country field at the end of our ride. Just because. :) Oh, and... perhaps we trotted up over the downed tree that was in our path too. :)

Totally WORTH IT!

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