Sunday, October 4, 2015

Another Wet Ride

But we managed to get in our fitness work. I don't know how, as it rained hard all night last night. But it stopped at some point overnight and the wind picked up, so maybe that's why. 

 Playing with the camera settings. :)


Ha ha...He cracks me up in this photo...

The trails were pretty decent and only had a few slick spots. Fleck and I just avoided the treacherous areas, walked when we needed to, and got it done. We managed a 20 minute walk, a 25 minute trot, and then three 4 minute canter sets roughly. (I forgot my watch so I used my phone alarms... and so it may have been 4+ minutes). Fleck felt great and was cracking me up. Whenever he heard my phone go off, he would take off. Hee hee. He was actually ready to go long before his "breather" in between was over. We didn't go all out because I wanted to make sure he wasn't going to slip and I didn't want to tear up the footing. We also did each set in a different field so that we didn't tear up the footing. It actually held up pretty well. 

Then we did another 20 minute hack to get back. And to take pictures. :) 

Ahhhh..... feeling better. I think its about time to clip Fleck though. It wasn't hot today by any means but mid 60's. And granted it was misting, but Fleck is getting fluffy. He didn't get quite sweaty enough to rinse off, but close. So I think I'll bathe him Tuesday after our lesson and then try to get him clipped soon after that. 

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