Saturday, October 24, 2015

Cindy advice

Dressage Day Again.

Cindy watched my test and said that it was good, but it could be better. She said we're still missing that lift through the wither. She feels that I can raise that score 10 points if I can get that. Wow! That would be in the 20's!! I'll take it. But she's right... He can do all the movements and he is steady and obedient. He's just not really through. It's a near connection but not a solid connection. But we're working on it. It's hard for both of us. We've gone so long like this it's hard for me to get it.

I really need to ride a school master so I can feel the difference. Or at least have some video with friends telling me what's happening as I'm riding and help me try to fix it. And then I can go back on video and watch it so I can know what it looks like vs what it feels like. So.. hopefully I can get Peri or Kelli to help me with that one day. 

So yep.. we worked on getting that wither up in our lesson. Cindy keeps reminding me, it's not about pulling his poll down, it's about lifting the withers and back. Sigh.... I know. I know.... It's just such a hard habit to break. But I'm getting better!

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