Wednesday, November 4, 2015

No Stirrup November... OOPS!

Dang it... Today would have been a perfect day to ride without stirrups. And I just flat out forgot. Oh well. It was a good ride.
 The weather wasn't great but it wasn't bad. It was misting at first but then that stopped. The arena's were slop so the plan was a long trail ride. Kelli and Peri joined me. We went for a nice long hack through the trails. I picked the hills and we did a little bit of trotting. I tried! :) We were going up the hill towards the XC field and had to stop because there was a fallen tree. Me and Kelli ended up jumping it. Fleck was smart and just trotted it politely. He landed in a canter and slipped just the teeniest bit. 
Then we headed up to the jump arena and the footing was actually pretty good there. Fleck and I did some flat work and worked (very briefly) on the counter canter to half pass loop. We hopped over a few fences and I tried very hard to RIDE them and not just canter happily over them. We had a pretty decent go except for one fence. He landed and tripped and caught himself, but it was hairy for a second. I'm not sure if it's toes, knees, EPM??? But lately he's been tripping like crazy. I wonder if it's the toe clips. We'll find out. New shoes on Monday.

But yep... it was nice to get out and ride in the woods. The leaves are pretty right now. Maybe I'll remember no stirrup November next ride. :)

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