Friday, June 24, 2016


So.... Fleck's had a week off. It's been tough not riding him. Even though I don't really have time. And it's literally in the mid to upper 90's this week with the heat index in the mid 100's to 110. So it was good timing I guess. ;) 
But I just want him to feel better. I'm panicking and trying to stop myself from scheduling 8 different vets to look at him, submitting blood and CSF for EPM evaluation, calling every equine pyschic/communicator, and just... doing whatever it takes to get him better. 

Today Kathryn came though. And she was super helpful. She feels that most of the problems is stemming from his chest. He feels stuck in his ribs and back and he can't float. His forelegs are jammed and his hinglegs are jammed and the ribs/chest are stuck in the middle and jammed. She thinks that while it was always there, perhaps fixing the negative angles in the hind feet combined with the wedges is too much for him. And that he needs a bit shorter breakover in front again as he's back at the knee conformationally. Btu she got some really good releases and interestingly enough, he suddenly has shark fin withers! His back, just behind his withers and the withers itself, have never been that open. So..... maybe this will help. 

She doesn't think it's neurologic, or even really pain, so much as just him getting jammed up. Her recommendation was to pull the wedges off in the hinds and to re x-ray his feet and adjust any angles. She almost wonders if Freddie did such a good job fixing the negative angles that he doesn't need the wedges anymore. And since Fleck had gone around like that so long, the drastic change has just gotten him stuck.
So for now at least, she has calmed me down from taking aggressive action. ;) I'll see if I can get him x-rayed again the next time I go to Dr. Browns. I'll see if Freddie will take the wedges off behind in 3 weeks when he comes again and see if he'll agree to shorten his toe a bit. 

And in the meantime, I'll just let Fleck be and take him for occasional hacks. He can walk the whole way if he wants. If he wants to trot, we can trot. If all we do is splash in the lake.. that's fine and dandy. I just miss him. 

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  1. Thank goodness for friends who can walk us back from the ledge and come up with solid simple ideas. Good luck!