Saturday, June 18, 2016

Teeth day

 We've been having ridiculous temps lately! Heat index of 110.... insane humidity... temps of 100 even. It's been awful. However, this morning was LOVELY! I got up early and we got in a ride before meeting Dr. Febles for dentals.

 I knew I had to be quick so that I could get them both ridden before meeting her at the gray barn to get their teeth done. So I hopped on Fleck bareback and we went for a little hack. 
Yesterday Freddie came to do feet. I had told him that Fleck felt awful so he watched him go. As we were walking down the hill, Fleck did that funky thing with his hind end and Freddie saw it. He also noticed that he seemed wonky and super heavy in the front end. He agreed that he looks a little neuro and also said that he did NOT look like that 2 shoe cycles ago. Sigh.... But his toes were awfully long and Freddie adjusted his shoes a little bit to give him a bit more support in the hind end. 

So anyways... our morning ride was quite nice. The weather was lovely. And Fleck actually felt pretty darn good. We walked the trails and then trotted a little bit. He actually felt pretty good so I ended up doing a 10 minute trot. I'm still torn as to whether I should keep trying to get him fit and see if it helps vs giving him time off because he still feels so awful. So I did both/neither. Sigh. But he felt pretty good this morning. He wasn't tripping and downhill didn't feel so bad. He still felt pretty darn heavy in the front. Nicky ended up being out there towards the end and she watched him go and said she didn't really see anything. So.. yay!

Then we went and got his teeth done. They were in pretty good shape. :) I talked to Dr. Febles and she scanned him (acupuncture wise) and was a little worried about his liver and also based on what I said and what she found on the scan, agreed it could be EPM. Well, Equine Neurologic Syndrome. She suggested though that I pull him off previcox if I could, and start him on Liver Happy. She was a little worried about his liver. And thought that perhaps if we could get his liver happy, he could fight off the neuro disease on his own.

So I still have no official idea. But I did pull him off the previcox, and had switched him to every other day recently anyways as I didn't really know if it was helping. And ordered liver happy. And then she gave me some acupuncture points to try. So we did that. Fleck does NOT like BL 18 being injected, even with B12, but I got it done.  

Oh, I love him so. I just want him to feel better. 

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