Thursday, December 29, 2016

Pony Rides

Fleck's gotten quite a few rides in recently! We met Peri and headed out for a short hack. She rode Roux and I rode Fleck. We just walked but did a long walk and lots of hills. Flecky was feeling a bit rowdy in the beginning and was power walking like a beast! Peri had to keep trotting to keep up. Of course once we hit the lake he settled down. And by the end of the ride I could tell he was struggling. :(

 Then another day Kelli's pony had a swollen leg and Kelli desperately needed a ride. I finished work early enough to get out there so I met her with both boys. She rode Fleck and I rode Dan.

It's soooooooo hard for me. So hard!! I just... love that horse so gosh darn much.... I hate to give up the ride on him. And I know I'm possessive... no one can walk MY dog... no one can ride MY horse... but it was hard. She did good with him though and Dan and I had fun.

It was cute because normally on trails Dan has at least one or two antic filled moments and we tend to get really far ahead of other people, but... he loves his Flecky. He kept it to a dull roar and we stayed just far enough ahead that Fleck didn't have to get worried and struggle. :) Awwww.....  :)

And then on Christmas day I HAD to ride the Flecky! We had a nice long walk trail ride with Kelli, whos' horse was feeling better. It was a shorter ride as I could tell the multiple rides in the shorter time was taking a toll on Flecky. Plus I had acupunctured him the day before and did electroacupuncture too and he was super leany when I did it. But it was a nice way to spend Christmas! Especially after my cry fest that morning about Roany. I knew it was coming... I knew it was the first Christmas in 24 years without her... but it hit me hard that morning. I sat by her grave and cried for a bit. So it was nice to get to ride and snuggle with both boys.

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