Friday, July 21, 2017

Easy Mode

Gah.. I love this horse!
*This week has me like.... *

We had a nice ride.... It was so hot that we just did a nice fun relaxing bareback walk to the lake and played in the lake for a bit. Fleck was a bit jiggy but it was a nice slow western pleasure jog type jig. :) Easy to sit. :) 

He had fun in the lake. So did I. He splashed, got in fairly deep, splashed, flipped his nose around in it, splashed some more, and soaked. Ahhhhhh

 Flecky was snoozing (as was Dan) when I went to go catch them for our ride. Hee hee. Fleck *IS* a morning person, as opposed to Dan. ;) I swear.. you pull out the camera and Fleck smiles!


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