Thursday, July 27, 2017

We're walking... We're bucking.... that's how we roll

Seriously.. I think Fleck has taken this "you do whatever you want now" thing a little too far. ;) 

We had another nice bareback hack today with Peri and Roux. We mostly just walked all through the woods and fields but we trotted up the hill a little bit. Well, Roux trotted and Fleck cantered in place behind him. :) Then we watched her and Roux jump in the field for a little bit. Fleck threw in a few bucking temper tantrums but nothing major. Until we were leaving! A big ol' horse fly came after both of them and I guess.... goosed them! Roux sort of squirted off a bit and Fleck squealed, farted, and let out an actual buck! Not the crow hops he usually does but an actual buck. Then squirted off. But then they were both done, so.. we survived. :)

I love him so.  For some reason I didn't get any pictures today. Maybe cause it was just a hot steamy day... not great lighting... maybe because I was having fun chatting with Peri.. maybe because I was too busy fending off horse flies.... ??? But it was a good day!

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