Thursday, February 9, 2012

Progress... finally, sweet progress!!!

Okay, it may only be baby steps, but... it's still a step forward!!!

Had a good ride today with Cindy. We worked on he same old stuff, but it seemed to be clicking better today. And... go me!! I seemed to be catching onto the issues before Cindy could say anything. Not much before, but just enough that I was just starting to correct it as she was saying it. Yay! Go me!!

She gave me a great exercise to really get him to sit in the canter and use that right hind. We would make a circle at the trot... haunches in, then shoulder in, then renvers.. then straighten him up, correct the bend, and then pick up the canter! He was really cantering nicely when we got him set up like that. Especially with the right side as he kept leaning in instead of standing upright. So... another way to help that was the counter flex and straighten him up, then back to true bend.

So yep.. a good lesson! Now to keep up this trend....

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  1. Like! Happy to see you getting your "mojo" back!