Friday, May 16, 2014

Dressage fun

I had another flat lesson with Beth today. Flecky was good! We worked on the ol "KISS" method. :) And then we worked on more fun stuff! Like leg yields and trot lengthens. And even canter lengthens.  :)

For the leg yields... it was much better when I had the proper connection. :) I just need to remember to keep the shoulders and the haunches. And then with our lengthens I need to remember to build in the corner and then don't let him all out at once, but let him build. That way our second half is better than the first half. So to build in the corner, I almost think about dribbling him with my core. Or my seat. At least in my brain. ;) Then I need to half halt but with my leg on, and without the judge noticing because I change the rhythm. But I do need to balance.

And then we perfected the change across the diagonal through the trot. It was good in the good direction and better in the bad direction. I need to remember to collect the trot and show at least four steps. And man, it was beautiful!!!

Now if I can just keep these same rides and ride that way for Paradise! Eeeks... one week away!

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