Thursday, May 15, 2014

Flecky has lost his mind!

Oh Flecky... you are a fool!! hee hee... I took him and Dan to Ashland today. It stormed and POURED all last night. And today was supposed to be more of the same. But it actually turned out fairly nice, despite being windy and about 15 degrees colder than usual. So I messed with Dan (rode him actually!!) and Fleck pitched a fit for most of the time, stuck in the trailer. So then it was Fleck's turn.
We started out and he was very fresh. Which was great, since he was sore yesterday. He has a big nasty gross frog sulci infection that was making him tender. But the bute seemed to help. So we were off! Fleck was on a mission! Trek on!
As usual, I was letting him steer and apparently letting him pick the speed too. Which was POWER TROT! So finally we hit the hay field and broke into a canter.. and then a gallop. He was cracking me up. He was running and neighing and looking for friends. I don't know if he was looking for Danny... or trying to find Cash or Zhar or Arwyn or Tess??? But he was being ridiculous. :)
Then he saw Luisgi and Amy out in the field behind Halfshire. FRIENDS!!!! I thought we were going to give Luisgi a heart attack. I managed to walk Fleck up to say hi. Then we had to leave because Luisgi is better alone. And Fleck had a tantrum! A hissy humpy bucky hissy. Then once I got him moving, he took off with me (more or less). Sigh... silly boy. I'm glad he's feeling this good.

I'd like to say that I eventually got him calmed down but no. I let him gallop in the XC field and we hit 25 mph. ;) But then I could only manage a short happy trot before I realized it just wasn't worth the fight. I managed to keep him to a walk for a good bit heading back. We made it back to the trailer and Fleck was like... "Oh... him... yeah.. I forgot it was HIM that I was so anxious to get back to". Doh! Silly boy.
I love the fool! Man do I love the fool!

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