Sunday, May 4, 2014

Fitness and Fun

It's kinda been a poopy week. I've been stressed about the chiropractic stuff. It's like being a new vet all over again. I *know* I know what I'm doing and I *know* that I can't expect a magic cure and I know I've told clients such, but it's frustrating when their animals aren't "fixed". So I've been letting that get to me. And then the e-clinic has been busy. At least it hasn't been too stressful. And I'm trying to do more stuff with Mike but he was a total butt today. Sigh... So it was a yucky day. We were supposed to go school XC but that got cancelled. So I was kinda bummed. Well, really bummed. I took both boys to Ashland because Danny just really wanted to come. I was planning on dressaging as I've been bummed about that too. But then I decided I was too grumpy to dressage and Fleck and I might as well do fitness work since that was the original plan with XC schooling. So we did. Dan hung out in the trailer while Fleck and I went on our fitness schedule. 
We walked for 15 minutes. Then we trotted for 20 minutes. Then we tried to walk and take a quick break, but Fleck was having none of it, so we did our canter sets. We did 3 three minute sets with only 2 minutes in between. Until the last one. We ended up at the dam, so we had to take a 4 minute breather to make it across the dam. Especially because the darn egret (or heron) wouldn't really leave. He flew off and came back twice! But Fleck was game and felt great! It was a gorgeous day too! I even worked on my "clam legs" while we did it. :)

 So after our fitness work, we headed back to the trailer and got Dan. And Dan was a little spunky so poor Fleck had to do a bit more work. We did a short little trek and trotted some. Then we went to lake to soak Fleck's knees and hocks. And watch Danny play. I swear, that kid is like a kid at the pool. He wouldn't get out. Fleck got to soak for a good 20 minutes while Danny just played. Hee hee. (see Danny's post for hilarious videos) Fleck played some too but mostly just watched. Though he did use Dan's butt for a scratching post. hee hee.

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