Sunday, March 1, 2015

I MISS Flecky.......

Sigh.... tomorrow is 4 weeks. In that time I have sat on Fleck bareback once for 5 minutes in the parking lot at Ashland and then once again for an hour letting him graze in the XC field. And it was glorious!

But I'm trying. Very hard.... To be patient, to let Fleck have a true vacation. And to give Dan some personalized attention.

And then Fleck developed an abscess in his right front foot. And he hurts. And I just... lost it. I'm just so over this long depressing wet miserable cold winter. I NEED my Flecky... But the sun came out for a day or two. And I know Fleck is healing. He's close. Not quite ready to be re-ultrasounded yet, but close. So maybe in another 2 weeks we can go back to work. And by then his abscess will be cleared up.

But man... its' just not the same without my adventures with my bestie.

1 comment:

  1. aww looks like he misses you too!! hopefully these 2 weeks fly by!