Saturday, March 7, 2015

Quality Time and Sunshine

Ahhhh.... I needed this weekend. Three days of sunshine!!! And I was able to enjoy it. (well, I should be able to enjoy tomorrow hiking with Mike too, but hopefully I didn't just jinx myself). 

Friday I worked in the morning but was outside adjusting ponies. It was cold but the sun was coming out. I got home in time and got to ride Dan and we had a marvelous time and a nice long ride. 

Then today I went and visited Mom and Ken and Mike and I had fun in the car. Then when we got home I took Dan out for another ride and enjoyed more sunshine and much warmer weather. I was sooooooo close to throwing Fleck in the trailer too and taking him on a walk. His darn abscess hasn't popped yet that I can tell but he looked 95% sound today at the walk. And even at the trot really. It took a lot out of me to leave him at home. The only reason I did was because I didn't want to make his abscess sore and I didn't want him to have to stand at the trailer for a long time while Dan and I went off to play. So I left him. But when I got home he trotted up to the gate and was clearly wanting attention. 

So we snuggled. I groomed him and he is shedding like crazy! I did his feet. Then I decided to adjust him. And he needed it. It was so cute because he sort of talked me into it by nudging me and bending his neck like I do when I adjust him. So I started with his neck. And then I figured I'd check his butt muscle so I might as well adjust the rest of him. I did all of him and then found a spot in his back. I actually got a REALLY good adjustment because I got him to lift up and bend just right. He was hilarious! He got so mad at me and gave me a dirty look and raised a hind leg. So then I reached over to check it and he was like "We're done here!" and trotted off. Doh. I bribed him back over for some scratches and more snuggles. I checked his semitendinosis and he hasn't moved my magic sticks in a few days. YAY!!! I really think he's healed. Or mostly healed. And I am so tempted to haul him to Dr. Brown and ultrasound him again before next Monday but I know the weather will be crap this week. He should go ahead and get one more week off. Plus that will give his darn abscess more time to get sorted out. 

But yep. He was cracking me up today. I tried again to check his back and he trotted off again, giving me the evil eye. But then he'd come right back for snuggles. Oh how I love him. He just makes me giggle. 

Soon Flecky... SOON!!!!! I can feel it in my bones!

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  1. lol he sounds hilarious about the adjustment ! good luck waiting out the last week -hopefully everything is all cleared up soon!